Eric Farthing remembers the killing of Corporal Short

(Incident near Jaffa, 28th April 1948)

"However, something much more serious took place a while later while we were still on detachment at Tel Letwinsky. We were ordered to escort a convoy of Arab refugees passing through a Jewish village which had been threatened with attack. So we deployed our four tanks, two at each end of the village. We succeeded in getting the convoy through without any undue happening then sadly, we of course were stationary with our heads out of the turrets so we were possibly sitting ducks for a sniper.

"Unfortunately our troop corporal, Corporal Short, was sniped and killed by a terrorist sniper. I have always regarded his death as equally cold-blooded to the strangulation of the two sergeants. Simply perhaps because we knew him. He was a colleague of ours in the regiments but also because somebody lined him up in a telescopic sight and literally murdered him. To this day I feel strongly about both these incidents, both the sergeants' and Corporal Short's deaths. It doesn't diminish with age at all."

Recorded November 2010