Train attack at Rehovoth, 29th February 1948

"Twenty-eight troops were killed and thirty-three injured when three electrically detonated mines exploded beneath the wooden coaches carrying 110 soldiers. The overnight Cairo Haifa train was approaching Rehovoth along an embankment at 9.45am when the tragedy occurred. The Palestine Post described the train as a troop train but half the train carried civilian passengers, mostly Jewish. They were in the front coaches and avoided injuries because on this occasion electrically detonated explosives were used to target the troops' coaches. Rehovoth was notorious for its terrorist activities because of its proximity to the Jewish neighbourhood and the cover provided by the surrounding orange trees. A Royal Engineer eyewitness said arms and legs were scattered around. Two middle coaches were shattered and two damaged. Fortunately one further mine failed to go off, otherwise the damage and deaths could have been worse...

...Settlers from Hatzofim were the first to reach the scene of the outrage. As they approached, the survivors, thinking they were terrorists began shooting at them but two girls got through safely and assured the men that they had come to bring relief. The settlers helped bandage and care for the wounded and served coffee to the troops. A Red Shield ambulance later arrived but it was an hour before military ambulances could be summoned because the telephone lines had been cut."

Forgotten Conscripts, Eric Lowe

The dead included:

LBdr Peter Axtell (21) from Oxhay, RA
Gnr John Bayfield (19) from Essex, RA
Pte Norman Blackmore (20) from Wallasey, RASC
Sgt John Buckley (33) from Cork, Royal Signals
Gnr William Denyer (20) from Shoreditch, RA
Spr Alan Hancock (20) from Salford, REs
Cpl Ernest Harding (19) from Falmouth, Duke of Cornwall's LI
Pte Herbert Jones (21) from Southwark, RASC
Sgmn John Maddison (26) from Sunderland, RASC
Pte Ronald Page (20) from Shrewsbury, Roy Warwickshire Regt
Gnr John Pagh-Hansen (21) from Silkeborg, Denmark, RA
Spr Cyril Robertson (20) from Aberdeen, REs
Sgt Fred Stringemore (33) from Isleworth, 17th/21st Lancers
Sgt John Warnett (31) from Canterbury, Royal Signals
Gnr Noel Wilkins (21) from Llanelly, RA
Cpl Ronald Williams (19) from Birmingham, Duke of Cornwall's LI
Cpl James Wright (20) from Glasgow, RASC
Sgmn John Wright (21) from Lockerbie, Royal Signals

The following RAF casualties should also be included but I haven't been able to confirm them:

AC2 P Broughton
AC2 J Carruthers
AC2 J Curran
AC1 R Floyd
LAC D Harris
AC2 D Heron
AC1 D Horseman
AC2 K Newman