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Palestine Memories on Other Sites

Below are some links I have found to other memories of service in Palestine. The BBC archived their articles but the links are now updated.

Middle East stories BBC Peoples' War collection.

Mike Archer, RAF War-time Recollections then Palestine 1947.

Stoker, Leslie Atkinson, HMS Volage, helped rescue survivors from a tanker which had probably been blown up by terrorists in Haifa harbour.

Tom Barker, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Palestine pre-WWII; hunting bandits and early days in Sarafand Garrison.

Tom Barker Tommy's War Part 4: Jericho and Palestine 1939: delights of tent life; the excitement of cinema (any excuse for a fight).

Tom Barker The Nablus Olive Tree

Tom Barker Palestine 1939 including guarding Lydda airfield; the perils of an insect bite, and Christmas in Jenin.

Tom Barker Chocolate Soldiers: life in Jenin, 1939.

Tom Barker Tommy's War Complete

Harry Blood, RASC Harry Blood's War Part 5: Serving in the Middle East, 1942-43: Sightseeing in Jerusalem. Complete account

John Blyde, Grenadier Guards From East Acton to Palestine and Back

Jeff Brereton, RAF 32 Sqdn Part 4, Palestine; detailed description of life in Ramat David and Petah Tiqva; 1945-46.

John/Jack Carter, RAOC My Best Story: A Tractor in Palestine

Charles Cooper, RAOC My husband's experiences of war pt3 'Escape by sea' (from Bardia): army bakery in Palestine; Egypt, 1943.

Sidney Cox, RASC Palestine 1945-48. Illness and injury.

Harold Cooper Northern Ireland to 62 CRE al-Jiyya Palestine, 1946; attacked by Jews and Arabs.

Harry Devey, Pay Corps General war experience; Palestine 1945-48; attack on Syrian Orphanage.

Jack Edwards, Royal Army Veterinary Corps Palestine 1943 Second part Palestine, Egypt, Germany 1945

Peter Faggetter Camp 21 Natanya, Palestine 1946; citrus scrumping.

Fred Field Life in Palestine - a letter home from Haifa, 1945.

Bob France, Middlesex Regiment My War: D-Day landings (Sword Beach), Rhine crossing, then Palestine.

Clifford Gascoigne, RAF Desert cricket

James Glew, 248 Field Company, REs Palestine 1945-47; general plus some information about medals.

Sgt Major Mick Goldstein, Royal Fusiliers and Jewish Brigade Italy and India.

John Grant, Parachute Regiment Palestine 1946; Tel Aviv car park atrocity; injured by road mine.

Eric Hunter, RAF Belly landing of mosquito at Lydda.

Jeffrey Jackson, No.2 Anti-Gas Lab, REs Poisons in Palestine, 1942

Neil Jones My War 1938 to 1947 Part 8 of 8 Detailed account of duties including helping to stop the Acre gaol break and meeting a swarm of locusts.

Arnold Jordan, Signals My National Service 1947-1949; description of life in Egypt.


Arthur Keech Posting to Palestine, 1945.

Peter Lagden, RAF mechanic Personal War-time Experiences; Palestine 1945-47.

Annette Le Page, army nurse Diary extract, 7.1.43: Christmas leave in Palestine.

Extracts from the Audio Memoirs of Major LWA Lyons - Major LWA Lyons The Desert - Part Two - 1943: crossing desert to Baghdad from Palestine and then to Tunisia.

Rev Hugh Jones's diary of Jerusalem 1948.

Ray Merrett, RAF Wireless Operator Life in Aqir; a raffle prize and friendship with Emrys Morgan.

Roy Newbury, RAF Aqir 1947-48; lively withdrawal from Palestine.

Harold (Terry) Norcross, RAF Based in RAF Shallufa, Harold Norcross and his friends enjoyed many trips to Tel Aviv on leave; 1941.

Jim Palmer, 'Militia Boy' Plenty of interesting description of his early war and his very active war: Dunkirk, desert life, Cairo, graphic tank battles, a terrible Burma trek, Iraq, Beirut, Syria 1944, Monte Cassino, home leave, Germany and Belsen, demob in Manchester.

RSM Peacock, Green Howards Military Medal for action in Nablus, 1938; action in Norway, Germany, Malaya.

'pegasuseddie' Jewish propaganda setup.

Herbert Phillips, RAF Palestine Story

Herbert Pike Middle East; includes Tobruk, 1941.

Douglas Renwick, RAF PART 4 - A Wartime Story: army life in Egypt, on leave in Palestine with Jewish friend, 1941.

Hannah Roberts, Jewish ATS recruit

EM Shelley, Signals Part 4: After the war's end and demob. Life in Palestine, 1945-47.

Don Smith, The Royal Scots Brief account of journey to Italy, Palestine and Egypt.

Allan Swanson, Signals Letter to his family describing Tel Aviv, 1944.

J.Harold Swindells A Desert Rat - Plus: Organizing water supplies.

Donald Thomas Don's War. Brief period in Hadera, Palestine, 1947.

Albert Walker, Royal Warwickshire Regiment Description of Normandy Landings (Sword Beach), Rhine Crossing, and then Palestine and Egypt.

John Weeks, child Evacuated to Palestine from Egypt and then to Durban. Typhoid in Palestine.

Gilbert Wilson, 10th Royal Hussars Desert War Diary Extracts: 1942 North Africa, trip to Palestine, El Alamein

George White, Royal Scots Greys Remarkably concise account of very active service in the Middle East.

Commonwealth servicemen

Flying Officer Harold Roberts, Royal Australian Air Force. War Diary of service in the Middle East during which time he went on leave to Palestine. He was taken prisoner in the Western Desert, finishing up at Stalag Luft III.