The Voice of Fighting Zion

The broadcasting station of the National Military Organisation in Palestine, 11th August 1946

A blockade — imposed on land and sea — is the traditional weapon of Britain. She used it against little Holland, she used it against the American revolutionaries, she used it during the long drawn out campaign against Napoleon and she continued to use it during both world wars. Now Britain has resorted to the blockade as a weapon of war against the Jewish nation.

But in as much as the war against the persecuted nation of Israel has no equal in the history of warfare, the anti-Jewish blockade has nothing similar to it in the realms of satanic barbarity. In former wars blockades were directed mainly against trade, raw materials, warlike equipment, arms and ammunition. However, the anti-Jewish blockade which is imposed is intended to be applied directly against people. But what people! There are those who came out of the death camps; those who for a period of six years suffered in hell; those whose lives experienced pogroms and bloodshed; those who have neither mother, father sister nor brother; those who have nothing left in life but the homeland which has to take the place of mother, father sister and brother in their lives; that must bring back some reason and purpose in their lives. Against such people as these, the treacherous British saw fit to unfurl the network of blockade on sea and land; against people such as these accursed Britain closed the only road to salvation. Was there ever cruelty such as this? Was there ever a blockade such as this? Was there ever such a crime as this? Was there, after Hitler and Himmler, after premeditated mass murder, was there ever such a murder of the masses?

Of course, the blockade is only one type of warfare that the evil empire employs against our people. Britain in her campaign of anti-Jewish destruction uses many means. She uses Nazi suppression, the force of intimidation, diplomatic machinations and systematic humiliation, all of which have but one purpose, to put an end to Jewish aspirations of freedom; to remove Israel from the reach of her sons who are trying to reach its shores with all their strength and the remainder of their holy scrolls, and to imprison us in a ghetto and finally have dominion over our plundered land.

Then the programme would be announced by the treacherous liquidators: "The plan of federalisation for Palestine". This plan gives the destructive British everything that they desire, unlimited sovereignty over our land: a Jewish ghetto the area and population of which would be the same as the Warsaw ghetto and whose fate would be the same. Inasmuch as the German Nazis preferred to achieve their aim with the assistance of the Jews themselves, so the British Nazis are trying to implement their satanic programme by "cooperation" with a Jewish "Council of Elders," either this one or another.

Why should there be wars? Why opposition? Why should there be British victims? Why international involvement? Why a bloody campaign? Why should there be all of these if it is possible to obtain the agreement of certain Jewish circles to the Programme of liquidation?

Furthermore, to obtain their agreement, the destructive British are again employing two brilliant Nazi tactics: fear, like confronting a highway robber. Do you understand the gaolers of 100,000 prisoners of the camps? - with a revolver pointed straight at the forehead - "Sign this programme of ours and enter the ghetto of your own free will..." Something else... (indeed it is possible to say with certainty that even if the British weren't allowing in 10,000 Jews, they still have a weapon in their hands against the innocent...) That is the implication behind the Morrison legislation that he has laid before parliament. One should view this in its entirety, ie, theoretical British agreement to the immigration of 100,000 on condition that there is explicit Jewish agreement to waive the claim to Palestine and to establish a ghetto like a grave. Like a grave, not only for the hopes of a subjugated nation, but also for its living sons.

The second tactic, also of a Nazi type; enhancing the prestige - in the yes of the Jews - of quislings or those established as the supporters of quislings, the editor of the newspaper "Ha-aretz" was suddenly called "a shining beacon" and even that old fox Churchill, who claims that he never knew anything about the extermination of millions in Europe; Churchill, who was privy to more information than any other person during World War Two; Chuchill, who stressed that it was impossible for the remnants of the Jews in Europe to enter Palestine; Churchill, who criticised the Labour Government, not because it was destroying the Jewish aspirations to freedom, but because it was doing this unthinkingly - with the vulgarity of Bevin - without appearance of friendship - this Churchill who does not forget to speak flatteringly about Dr Weizmann in a sarcastic tone, saying openly "we wanted the Jews to know that many in this country respect Dr Weizman." In listening to these words and also to those of Lord Cranbourne, who was fulsome in his praise of "one of the greatest men of our time," we hear again the words of Hitler and of events in occupied Paris about the great old marshal who was sent by Divine Providence to save France...

That then is the position. A tragic situation, a dangerous situation, a situation that in essence threatens the survival of the nation. However, there is a positive aspect to all: it is clear, so clear as to be without a shadow of a doubt, clear to every person in Israel who has experienced a bloody event and who now has a choice, for those who stand today in their own land or in the countries of the diaspora. The choices are simple, frightening and great in their simplicity and they cannot be evaded:

  • Either a war of liberation or imprisonment with treachery
  • Either a free homeland or a ghetto
  • Either a popular uprising or prolonged death throes
  • Either a Jewish army fighting and free or "illegal terrorists"
  • Either a Jewish government or a scholar of great knowledge

With our knowledge of this generation, this generation that has seen with its own eyes or with the eyes of its soul the smoke of the crematoria at Treblinka, the generation that has inherited all the sacrifices of God's temples and all the heroism of the Jewish freedom fighters - we know what this generation will choose. Therefore, be afraid, you destructive British. You have felt pain and will feel more, not only in the land which is besieged, but in the four corners of the earth as the outstetched arm of the Hebrew soldier will fight you, as you fought his unfortunate country : without mercy.

This broadcast is typical of many and is quoted in Trevor Hall's, Enduring the Hour.