Palestine Policemen wearing the kalpak

six palestine policemen standing with rifles

On the far left is 'Bog' (Theodore Bogdanovitch) a Serbian who was decorated for gallantry in the Serbian Army and in time became a Palestine Policeman and was awarded the George Cross. He retired to Cyprus in 1947 where he was murdered by Greek terrorists.

"On Thursday. 12 October(2006), a smaller party from the group, visited the British Cemetery in Nicosia and laid a Regimental wreath on the grave of Mr Theodore Bogdanovich G.C. 'Bog', as he was affectionately known, had been the Security Officer at the American-controlled copper mine at Xeros and became a well-known and respected figure with all ranks of the Battalion. He was instrumental in obtaining many comforts for the Battalion, including concrete bases for tents, an improved water supply and electricity.

On the evening of 20 April 1956, 'Bog' was gunned down and killed at the bottom of his garden. In recognition of his contribution to the Battalion's welfare 'Bog' was buried with full military honours. Many Greek and Turkish Cypriots attended his funeral."

As 'Bog' had no living relatives, his GC and personal effects were donated to the Gordon Highlanders and these are now held in the Regimental museum at Viewfield House in Aberdeen." (Source: this was taken from the Britains Small Wars site which unfortunately is no longer available.)