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"... the British soldiers' instructions on what action to take during all these violent disturbances were hard to follow. In general they were not to side with either faction, but to do their best to preserve law and order, and to limit the killing and bloodshed as far as possible. In practical terms, this either meant appearing in sufficient strength to force a cease-fire between two opposing groups, or, if sufficent strength was not available, leaving the combatants to fight it out uninterrupted." 'For Love of Justice', John Baynes

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Operation Olympic | Arnold Jordan's experiences | Palestine Veterans Association | Eden Camp | Gerry's poem | National Memorial Arboretum | Heroes Return funding.

who was there?

training local recruits | Patrick Byrne describes service in the Palestine Police | life as a British Constable | Palestine Police recruitment film (1946) | PPOCA (Palestine Police Old Comrades' Association) | St Antony's College oral history project | interview with Palestine Policeman, Gerald Green | RAF in Palestine | Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders | Brigadier Arthur Sisson | 40 Commando, Haifa | Highland Light Infantry | the Marines in Palestine | The Parachute Regiment | Don Nicholls's memories | 216 Parachute Signal Squadron | 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards | RDG Newsletter | 17 Field Squadron, RE | Royal Anglian & Royal Lincolnshire Newsletters | list of units in Palestine | Dannevirke Soldiers' Home | More about the Danes

how they got there

kindness of South Africans | map of Tel-el-Kebir Garrison | Sydney Smart's train journey | Ken Brown's journey | Harry Devey's first 24 hours | Syrian Orphanage attack | Bill Garrett, Damascus to Egypt

camp life

Camp 71 at Hadera, V Emery | Palestine Police, Sarona | Khamsin | living in desert country | picking up beer | 1st Infantry Div RA's Sports Day | trip to Nablus | the story of Dog | Horrie, an Australian unit's dog | Ron Jones's strange encounter | Eric Farthing recounts the trading

routine army duties

Gerald Cottom at Sarafand Military Hospital | controlling the traffic | A trip the Dead Sea and Jerash | Black Watch patrol | Black Watch patrol part 2 | Kalpak image | story of Theodore Bogdanovitch GC | 50 Years on - The Gordon Highlanders pay tribute to their fallen | patrol on horseback | camel patrol, Bedouin camp | camel patrol, rough terrain | Latrun prison | general guard duty | guard duty in a morgue | Goldsmith Officers' Club | train attacks | Lofty Rendle's roadblock catch

attacks on troops

King David Hotel bombing | King David Hotel bombing on LiveLeak | Colonial Film of aftermath (with commentary) | the burial of victims (Pathé News) | The Times newspaper report | Israeli 60th anniversary celebration of the outrage | Peter Davies interview | Goldsmith Officers' Club | murders of Sergeant Clifford Martin and Sergeant Mervyn Paice | killing of Cpl Short | Tel Aviv carpark attack | Capt Bruton's narrow escape | Sgt Lambert killed | Binyamina | Major Plowman, RAPC | Haifa/Cairo train | Syrian Orphanage attack, March 1947 | Harry Devey, Syrian Orphanage attack | Private Edward Worley | Ben Hecht's letter to the Terrorists of Palestine



Dimona | Curfew ordered by Major General Cassells | 216 Para Sigs history | Palyam member, Yehuda Burstein | Official report on 'Agatha' Airborne Assault ParaData | Mortar platoon diary for Shark | Operations Agatha and Shark | journey to a transit camp in Egypt | Detailed account of 'Polly' | Pathé News film of evacuation | Sergeant Paice and Sergeant Martin | Lofty Rendle's account of 'Tiger' | setup propaganda photo

illegal immigration

SS St Louis passengers refused landing | 'Say this City has Ten Million Souls', WH Auden | Kielce massacre, Poland | Trevor Hall's description of boarding the San Dimitrio | Truman diary entry | 3 Para medic, Gerald Cottom | John Kenneally describes his duties | Dennis Skinner describes his experiences | rescue of Jewish immigrants | Commander Messinger's son's site | Zionist propaganda

going on leave

Jim Glew's memories | Tony Lycett visits the Dead Sea and Jerash | Norman Dannatt tours Damascus, Baalbek and Beirut | Fleet Club | Sister Phyl Etty's memories

any romance?

Invitation to a wedding | Alex Dickson | Reg Hammond's death

going home

A long journey John Hicks and Donald Ensom | the bad memories of Private Tom Barker.

withdrawal of troops

Goldsmith Officers' Club | UN Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) | PP finally stood down | Wikipedia Nebi Yusha | inspection by HM King George VI | Roy Newbury | Peter Davies, Signals | 40 Commando | Haifa Police Report | 'The Promise' | Arab ambush of Ken McSherry | Col Vernon's departure | Eric French leaves Palestine | Latrun fort | and then Sarafand | Empress of Scotland | Coldstream Guards leaving Mount Carmel | Peter Davies, Signals.

awards for gallantry

scattered bombs | GSM can still be obtained | Elizabeth Cross | London Gazette | >Mandate medals | Lt James Masson | Major Cowtan MC and Bar | RSM Peacock: Nablus 1938 | The Royal Humane Society awards to Palestine Police Officers | MOD Medals Office | complete list of medals | post war medals

In Memoriam

Palestine memorial | Parachute Regiment losses | Khayat Beach Military Cemetery | Ramleh Military Cemetery | British Legion and MOD Roll of Honour | British Civil Cemetery, Haifa | regularly attacked by settlers | headstones were unveiled on rediscovered graves | Gaza War Cemetery | Grafton Maggs 1946 Gaza visit | Canadian activist's blog entry


1946 events

Nissa Nakhleh's Palestine Encyclopaedia | MOD Roll of Honour | Tel Aviv carpark attack | King David Hotel atrocity | killed by terrorists near Petah Tiqva | Drive by shooting of Palestinian Arabs | photo after bank raid

1947 events

Creully Club Newsletter | Palestine Encyclopaedia | Goldsmith's Officers' Club attack | Syrian Orphanage attack | Harry Devey's account | Eyewitness account by Edward Worley | Rehovoth attack on Cairo/Haifa train | 5 British Officers kidnapped | Astoria Restaurant attack, official report | Sgt Clifford Martin and Sgt Mervyn Paice | Palestine Post

1948 events

Palestine Encyclopaedia | testimonies of Zionist fighters | Lifta | 'Convoy of 35' | Sasa | MOD Roll of Honour | Ben Yahuda Street | Witold Hulanicki and Stefan Arnold murdered by Stern gang | 28 British soldiers killed, Rehovoth | Biyar Adas | Battle for Bethlehem | Qalunya | Al Qastal | Deir Yassin attacked | Deir Yassin | Abu Shusha | Nasr al Din | ammo train at Binyamina | Saris | Tiberias | Haifa occupied | Balad al Shaykh | Cpl Cyril Short | Diary from 1st May 1948, Paradata | Jews occupy Safed | Ayn al Zaytoun | Beit Daras | Beisan | Kfar Etzion massacre | Rev Jones's Diary | Jaffa | Najd | Abu Shusha, Ramle massacre | Personal account of the departure | Last to leave | Massacre of Jewish children, Safed | Occupation of Acre | Tantura massacre | Al Khisas | Nuris | Al-Mazar | Al Lajuun | Al-Birwa | The Atalena Affair | Dahamsh Mosque massacre | destruction of Lubya | Biram attacked.

political background

Zionist quotes | Balfour Project | Lt Col Patterson explains Zionism as he understands it.


Palestinian refugees | Jewish immigrants | other | general politics

external memories

other links of interest